Texas Mobile Home Foundation Requirements

Posted Sun, November 6, 2016

The foundation of your home is as important as the home itself - the foundation keeps your home intact and keeps it from sinking into the ground. Just as a home requires careful design, the foundation also needs to be designed carefully, and it needs to meet specific requirements. There are many different requirements that Texas mobile homes must meet. Take note of these rules as you begin to plan for your new mobile home.

Foundation Materials

The foundation is one of the strongest components of your manufactured home. The three most common types of foundations for a manufactured home is select fill dirt (a packable clay like dirt), road base, and concrete runners. When choosing a material you’ll consider how large your house is, what type of mortgage, budget, and personal preference.

Foundation Depth

The depth of your foundation will depend on several factors including the slope of the land, the type of house, and water drainage. Building the foundation up and cutting a grade around the house to fix water drainage is the most important aspect of building a foundation. If your land is perfectly flat you’ll be wanting to build it up at least 4-6 inches. The top of the foundation should be as level as possible. Building up one end of the foundation to correct the level is common when placing a house on sloped ground. If you want concrete, a dirt foundation will be built first and concrete runners installed within the dirt foundation. The concrete will be dug 12” deep or to undisturbed soil.

Foundation Tie-Downs

To avoid horizontal overturning, the manufactured home needs to have tie-downs anchored to the footings of the foundation. There are many ways this can be done safely; however,   foundation tie-downs usually require professional assistance. At BMH, we are committed to tying and transporting your foundation and home safety, meeting all requirements.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to transport and lay your foundation on your own, putting your foundation and home at risk of damage. Contact us today for assistance, and visit our website for more information about the Mobile Home Installation Process.

For more information about mobile home foundation requirements, refer to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

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Ways to Remodel a Manufactured Home

Posted Fri, September 30, 2016

Manufactured Home Rennovations

Manufactured homes can be treated like any other home in the way you can transform them to fit your own personal style. There are many ways a manufactured home can be remodeled to fit your needs, and sometimes the remodeling process can be easier than in a traditional home. From adding new walls to creating a closed-in porch, remodeling your manufactured home can truly transform it into the home of your dreams!

Re-do your walls

If the walls in your manufactured home don’t exactly match your personal style, it isn’t difficult to change them. The simplest way to change up your walls is to paint the wood paneling or to add wallpaper. Modern wallpaper options can create almost any façade, like stone or barn wood, for a touch of character.

If you don’t want wood panel walls at all, replacing them with drywall is also an option. For a log cabin look, you can also replace your wood panels with a more rustic style of wooden walls to turn your manufactured home into a cozy cabin. Re-doing your walls can completely transform your manufactured home and make it reflect your style.

Create a porch

Manufactured Home with a Porch

Depending on how much land your manufactured home is on, there is a possibility that you can add a porch and deck to your home to create a relaxing yard space. Whether it’s a screened-in porch or a deck addition to add balcony space, you’ll be able to add some patio furniture, spend some time outside, and enjoy your yard.

Tear down walls for extra space

The walls and beams in manufactured homes are usually light, so if you would like your manufactured home to have fewer rooms and more floor space, removing some of the walls would not be an impossible task. This can make your manufactured home more spacious, especially if you have rooms you don't use. Of course, always consult with a professional before drastically changing the structure of your home.

The process of tearing down your walls can differ depending on whether you own a single-wide or a double-wide manufactured home. View this guide from Mobilehomeliving.org for instructions on the best practices to removing your manufactured home’s walls and photos.

Change various fixtures

Sometimes changing up the little things can make the biggest difference in the style of your home. Replacing the door knobs and faucets can be an easy and fairly inexpensive way to incorporate your style into your manufactured home. Make sure any replacement fixtures that you purchase are suitable for a manufactured home, but this option can be a quick and effective way to change the style of your home. Need help picking out a proper fixture and installing it? View this step-by-step guide.

Do you need help choosing a manufactured home or questions about how to remodel your manufactured home? Contact us today.

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Manufactured Homes - The Forgotten Option for College Students

Posted Thu, August 18, 2016

Manufactured Homes: the forgotten solution for college students

Tuition isn’t the only expense college students face – there are books, fees, and, the very costly rent of dorms and campus apartments. Paying for it all can seem impossible. However, there are ways to lessen these burdening costs, especially when it comes to housing.

Manufactured homes can be a smart housing option for college students. Not only are they extremely cost effective, manufactured homes provide the independence of homeownership, for a fraction of the price. Here are a few of the many reasons why college students and their families should consider a manufactured home.

The Price

Manufactured homes can be more cost effective than the average apartment or dorm - even more so when payments are split between roommates. With an average starting price of $45 per square foot, mobile homes can end up costing less over several years than paying for rent elsewhere. Manufactured homes offer rental property potential after graduation, as well. The money saved while living in a manufactured home can be put toward tuition, books, fees, and other living expenses while taking classes. We offer a variety of manufactured homes and prices for you to browse.

Students walking on campus

The Community

Most manufactured homes are located in communities surrounded by schools, grocery stores, and parks. Universities like Southwestern Adventist University, Texas Wesleyan University, and Texas Christian University are all located near Express Homes and are surrounded by many manufactured home communities.

You won’t miss out on being close to campus and your friends by living in a manufactured home. Since many of our communities are located near college campuses, you can keep your short commute, get to class on time and stay involved in your campus community, all while paying less than you might in a dorm.

The Freedom

When you live in a manufactured home, you can make it your own. Unlike a college dorm, where regulations put extreme limitations on decorations and appliances, in a manufactured home, you can decorate your space to your heart’s desire and keep all of your desired appliances. Keep in mind – with more freedom comes more responsibility, but not having a curfew is a plus.

You don’t necessarily have to live in the dorms to have a positive, involved college experience. With all of the expenses college students have to bear, living in a manufactured home with roommates can cut down on your student loan debt. For more information on how to purchase a manufactured home, contact us

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Non-Traditional Uses for Manufactured Homes

Posted Tue, August 2, 2016

Non-Traditional Uses for Manufactured Homes

There are many reasons why purchasing a manufactured home can be beneficial – some reasons you may have not even thought of! Manufactured homes make great homes for you and your family, but they offer a myriad of other uses as well. With manufactured homes, you can enjoy many of the luxuries of life and pay significantly less. Here are several of the non-traditional uses of a manufactured home. 

Lake Home

Lake houses are great for weekend getaways, but the cost of one, on top of your home mortgage, can make the idea of having a lakeside retreat out of the question. Purchasing a manufactured home and using it as a lake house is a practical, affordable way enjoy weekends on the water while also saving money.

Guest Home

Do you have a lot of out-of-town visitors but not enough room in your house to host them? If you have room on your land, you could use a small manufactured home to host guests as often as you want without sacrificing space in your home. What to do when guests aren’t over? These make great pool houses, too!

Hunting Lodge

Once hunting season starts, planning multiple weekend trips to go hunt can take significant time and money. Purchasing a manufactured home to use as a hunting lodge can help make these trips more convenient. With plenty of room for sleeping quarters, equipment storage, cooking and more, you may not want to come back home!

College Home

Are you or your children getting ready for college? It’s no secret that room and board costs for traditional dorms can add a pretty penny on top of tuition. Purchasing a manufactured home and splitting the cost between roommates can save you thousands of dollars – and you’ll have a space to call your own during and even after your college years.

Vacation Home/Income Property

If you have a favorite vacation spot and you’re tired of paying the price of a hotel every time you visit, it could be worth it to use a manufactured home as a vacation home instead. You can even make money off of it when you’re away. Sites like AirBnB and HomeAway can help you rent out your manufactured home for profit while you’re not using it, which will make saving up for your next trip a lot easier.

As you can see, there are a lot of uses for manufactured homes besides using one as your personal home. Whether you want to adventure or host guests more often, purchasing a manufactured home is an inexpensive way to live adventurously. Interested in purchasing a manufactured home? Contact us today. 

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Routine Maintenance and Aftermarket Remodeling of Your Manufactured Home

Posted Wed, June 1, 2016

Like any home, your manufactured home will naturally need some maintenance and remodeling from time to time. However, manufactured homes might need unique kinds of maintenance, so it’s important to know which practices are best for manufactured homes.

To help you on your remodeling journey, we have rounded up some of our best manufactured home maintenance and remodeling blogs to help make your manufactured home the home of your dreams. Happy remodeling!

Replacing the Subfloor in Your Manufactured Home

Replacing the subfloor in your manufactured home can be a much needed task. Wet subflooring often develops mold, which can smell bad and lead to health problems. Fortunately, such an important task can be done on your own, and it’s relatively simple. All it requires are a few inexpensive tools, particleboard or plywood, your own two hands and a free weekend to assure your home is safe and mold free.

What You Should Know Before Moving Your Mobile Home

One of the great perks of owning a manufactured home is the fact that if you want to move, you can take your manufactured home with you. However, just because your home is “mobile” doesn’t mean it’s easy to move. There are many steps to take to ensure your move will go as smoothly as possible, and a lot of them are steps you might not have even thought of! Luckily, we have a full, detailed list of all the steps that must be taken to ensure a safe, happy move.

How to Install Mobile Home Skirting

Skirting can be the perfect touch to your manufactured home by making your exterior look clean and grounded. However, having this done by a contractor can be expensive. This is a task that can be done on your own to save money, but it can be quite time-consuming. If you grab a couple of buddies and work on it as a group, it can be done in no time and can save you a lot of money!

Landscaping for Mobile Homes

Landscaping can make your manufactured home look inviting and boost its curb appeal. Depending on the rules and restrictions for the landscaping of your property, you can plant gardens outside or create beautiful boxed gardens to give your manufactured home a beautiful spring touch.

8 Ways to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

It’s easier than you would think to turn the bathroom in your manufactured home into a relaxing, beautiful and organized place. With a little creativity, you can turn your space into something that you can feel happy and comfortable in.

Minimize and Organize: Tips to Declutter Your Manufactured Home This Spring

Having an organized home doesn’t only make your home look clean and uncluttered, it also puts your mind at ease. Don’t spend your time stressing out about organizing your home. Follow our easy steps to organizing a manufactured home so you can spend your free time doing the things you love.

Would you like to learn more about maintenance and remodeling of your manufactured home? Contact us today.

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Why Mobile Homes are the Perfect Choice for Growing Families

Posted Tue, April 19, 2016

Why Mobile Homes are the Perfect Choice for Growing Families

Starting a family is a huge life decision that comes with a lot of life changes. Finding a home for a growing family can be stressful and expensive, which is why choosing a mobile and manufactured home can be the perfect choice for young families.

Mobile Homes are Affordable

Many first-time home buyers purchase their homes to make room to start a family, but the costs of purchasing a home on top of the cost of having children can add up extremely quickly. One solution is to consider purchasing a manufactured home. According to the latest census, the average price of a home in the DFW area is $128,000, which is more than double the average price of a mobile home. Parents who spend less on their homes can use that extra money to raise their children. We offer a variety of homes and prices.

Mobile Homes Cultivate Community

When raising a family, knowing that you are surrounded by a reliable and safe community is an integral factor in choosing a place to live. Surrounding schools, entertainment, and good neighbors can make or break a buying decision. Most mobile homes belong to mobile home communities, and are surrounded by amenities that are perfect for families. If you’re looking for a mobile home in the DFW area, check out our Mobile Home Park Guide.

Mobile Homes are Better for the Environment

Kick off a green lifestyle for your family by purchasing a mobile home. Mobile homes are typically made from eco-friendly parts that are sustainable, and the builders are highly efficient when designing the home. You can also design your mobile home with energy efficient products that can save you money on bills in the long-run. Some products can be installed to make your manufactured home more eco-friendly, including insulated walls, roofing, and skirting, and installing energy-efficient windows and doors.

Mobile Homes are Durable and Easy to Finance

Contrary to popular belief, mobile homes are durable, reliable places to live. Built to withstand transportation, mobile homes have great stability. They are also very easy to finance, taking one additional stress off of the home purchasing process. For more information, you can check out our financing options and our blog, “Myths About Mobile Homes.”

There are many reasons why purchasing a manufactured mobile home can be a great decision for your growing family. If you have any questions about purchasing a mobile home for your new family, reach out to us. We are always happy to help.

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